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Art We are full service custom framing shop with a large selection of mouldings and mat.

Same day service is available.

We offer discounts for artists, commercial accounts, and government accounts.

We are one of the most experienced custom framing shops in the area and we are here to assist you in the creative process of your custom framing design. We will make sure your custome frame design is perfectly tailored to your personal style.

We also offer the latest conservation and archival meterials to preserve your precious art or memorabilia.

We provide our clients with a full range of services to help them with all their special memorabilia and art needs.


   Services we offer:

  • More then 2000 mouldings to choose from
  • Conservation Framing 
  • Shadow Box
  • Object Framing 
  • Textile Framing
  • Multi-opening mats
  • Stretching canvas / fabric
  • Engraving
  • Same Day Service**
  • Needlework
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Replacement of Broken Glass
  • Govt & Commercial Accounts are Welcome


What is conservation framing? 
Conservation framing is a method of picture framing that preserves and protects artwork. It ensures that all of the materials used in framing and matting will not harm the artwork, and will, as much as possible, protect the artwork from physical damage.

What can I frame? 
Frame your collectibles, frame your life, frame a mirror. If you love it, frame it. We can frame just about anything.

How should I clean plexi-glass? 
Plexi-glass is plastic, not glass. Do not use glass cleaners and paper towels or the surface will become cloudy and scratched. We recommend using a soft, damp, cotton cloth and plexi-glass cleaner.

What kind of glass should I use? 
Museum glass, ultra violet filtering galss or UV acrylic can block 99% of UV light from the sun so it will slow down fading and yellowing. There should be a space of at least 2mm between the surface of the art and the glazing provided by a window mat or spacer. Pastels and other powdery/fragile media should be glazed with glass, not plastic and may require a larger air space.

Why is custom framing more expensive compares to do-it-yourself with ready-made frames? 
The process of custom framing involves quality materials and sound knowledge in assembling these materials. Custom framing is labor intensive and requires skills and training that are specialized. Obviously, the size of an item will influence the price, but also the type of mounting, glass and other variables all contribute. Compared to other custom made items, window treatments or furniture for example, custom framing is actually modestly priced. Keep in mind that a well executed custom framed art piece will last many years for you and your family. Remember also, that a poorly designed frame may actually do the artwork harm.

What goes into custom framing? 
Art objects usually need a method of presentation, such as a frame, a box or a stand, in order to be enjoyed on a daily basis. The same elements of design that go into creating the art are used when designing the presentation. These elements include: color, shape, line, texture, value, space, proportion and form.

At Artistic Picture Framing, we can assist you in choosing the proper methods, materials and presentation of your treasured pieces. A big part of the framing process is in picking the right frame for your work. The right frame and mat needs to be chosen. A good frame and mat choice takes into account the colors, patterns and textures of the artwork and the area in which the work will be displayed. Depending on the type of artwork, i.e., fine needlework, oil on canvas, computer printouts, etc., the proper conservation mounting and backing must be prepared. Many other design techniques such as fillets, spacers, floater frames, stacked frames are used for different types of artwork for desired effects. Choosing the right presentation for your artwork is a decision that needs an expert eye.

How long it take? 
Because every framing job we do is custom made to order, please allow 7-10 business days to finish. If you need it to be done by a specific date, please be sure to let us know. We do offer same day, next day service with our in stock moudling. 

Archival Paper 
This type of paper meets the standards set for optimum longevity and extends the life of art. Papers are acid free, 100% cotton, fade and bleed resistant.

Paper material with a pH of around 7 are considered to be acid-free. Therefore these materials are less likely to harm the artwork over time. Material with pH below 6.5 or above a pH of 8.5 are not considered acid-free.

All the material used in conservation picture framing that could possibly come into contact with the artwork are completely acid-free along with the usage of UV protection glazing. This achieves the ultimate protection for your piece. (Also referred to as Archival Framing)

A small moulding that fits under the inside lip of a frame or mat that generally matches the frame and/or compliments the artwork.

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